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However much you may love your dog, having him in bed with you is not for everyone. A lot of people think that doggies have no business in bed with people. But if you cannot do without your furry friend at night, here are seven reasons why you should consider sharing your bed with your dog.

It’s cozy

Your bed is automatically cozier when your dog is sleeping there, too. Regardless of whether it is his rhythmic breathing or his snuggly warmth, your bed will become an island of sheer coziness.

Dogs make your cares go away
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It chases your cares away

The presence of your dog lowers stress and gives you a feeling of security. Essentially, he chases away all of the cares that keep you awake.

Dogs make your bed cozier
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It’s relaxing

As therapy dogs have shown, the presence of a dog is the perfect remedy to negative emotions. The more you cuddle with your doggie, the more relaxed you become. His composure is contagious and his attention makes you feel loved.

Dogs love sharing your bed with you!
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It keeps you warm

A dog radiates heat. His furry body prevents you from waking up in the middle of the night, needing an extra cover. After all, you already have the best possible natural heater under the covers.

Coziness is a warm puppy
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A Dog is a “love machine.”

Without a doubt, the one thing that dogs offer is unconditional love. If you are feeling depressed, this type of connection can be wonderfully healing. Dogs accept you the way you are, even when you are going through a difficult time.

Dog is love
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It makes you feel protected

Knowing that your dog is there when you are most vulnerable is a comforting feeling. His superb sense of hearing and his readiness to bark at intruders make it easier for you to sleep.

Dog as protector
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It makes your doggie happy.

Your dog will be the happiest creature in the world if he is allowed to sleep next to you. There is nothing that your dog loves more than you. After all, sleeping with you allows him to be closer to the object of his affection. This is especially nice for him if he cannot see you all day because you are off at work.

In sum, if you let your dog sleep with you, there are benefits for both of you!

Happy Dog
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