It’s heartbreaking when people give up their pets because they refuse to take care of their four-legged friends. The reason may vary, some of which are valid, but it can be very confusing for animals when the people they thought would never leave them, is now giving them up to strangers.

Dex is a small dog rescued by a local animal shelter in Florida. He was in a deplorable condition when the shelter found him. He was covered with urine and feces and is suffering from yeast infection. He had a lot of bruises, lacerations, and hot spots. They also found out that the dog was blind due to the ulcers in his eyes. The poor dog was emaciated and obviously in pain.

The vice president of A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Heidi Hardman remembered that Dex was so filthy and is reeking of an overpowering smell of the yeast infection. She wanted to take Dex to their organization so that he will be given the proper medical attention. However, she was informed that she couldn’t take the poor dog as the shelter was waiting for the owner to claim him. Hardman has to wait until the next day at 5 pm. According to Hardman, she was crying while walking away. She felt so bad for the poor pup, even more upon knowing that the owner indeed came, but said they wouldn’t take Dex back.

Hardman drove back to the shelter the very next day. She finally got Dex, but one of his eye ulcers already ruptured. The dog lost all vision in his right eye. He was given painkillers and antibiotics at this point and was also given a nice, warm bath.

Unfortunately, the dog’s right eye was already beyond help. An eye specialist was brought in and focused on saving his left eye and relieve Dex’s pain.

Today Dex is doing well. He is in a loving foster home that made sure that he is given the medications he needs.

Owning a dog is a commitment. Abandoning and neglect is not an option.

Source A Forever Home Animal Rescue 


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