Sadly, a lot of dogs turn out to be abused or neglected. Though they are innocent and loving in nature there are still cold-hearted people who treat them badly and even beat them. Just like Chance, who was found with lots of injuries and with his mouth closed shut with tape. But thankfully he is doing better now and is a part of the Police force who pledge to protect and rescue maltreated dogs like him.

Chance’s story was really heartbreaking but now he has found a forever home. Deputy Richard Castellon of Lee County Sheriff’s Office agreed to adopt him and even let him do training so he can join the sheriff’s office as their official ‘Pets on Patrol Spokes-dog’.

Things are truly looking great for Chance. Due to his story, the sheriff’s office took a vow to help other animals. They are planning to improve the penalties given to animal abusers. They also plan to create a database that will help them track them with ease. They are also offering a $17,000 reward for anyone who can provide information to help them find the person who hurt Chance.

On the other side of things, Deputy Chance seems to be enjoying being an officer. The first day on duty and he was already able to do a lot. He started the day by joining a ribbon-cutting for the opening of a roller-skating center. Then he oversaw some teens as they drive through obstacles in The Lee County Sheriff’s Office teen Driver Challenge.

Now Chance always has a busy day. He takes patrols with Deputy Castellon maintaining peace and protecting people and dogs. He is a great example of how you can still come back up from a bad experience. Hopefully, the person who abused Chance would be caught soon. And the action the sheriff’s office is working on would reduce animal cruelty cases too.

Credits to Lee County Sheriff’s Office



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