Dogs are very loving and loyal creatures. That’s among the many reasons why they are considered as man’s best friend. They don’t only make their human happy. They also find happiness in showing their love for their human. Remy is an example of that.

Aimee Beasley-Spadoni and Nancy Spadoni, a couple from Texas, are Remy’s loving parents. Nancy was deployed to Afghanistan for ten months, and when she came back, Remy made it clear how much she missed her.


Remy was left under Aimee’s care at home while Nancy was away for work. Aimee said that they tried to keep in touch through FaceTime while Nancy was thousands of miles away from them. But still, nothing compares to being physically together. Remy still missed Nancy so bad.

Fortunately, after ten long months, Remy’s wait was finally over. Nancy came home, and the sweet little pooch couldn’t be more excited. Upon realizing that Nancy was home, Remy ran towards Nancy and made her feel the love that she wasn’t able to express for the past months.


Nancy tried to hug Remy, but Remy was way too excited. She knocked Nancy down and filled her with lots of kisses. She also licked Nancy all over her face. Just when you think that Remy was done, she came running back several times for more licks and kisses.

The little pooch stayed on Nancy’s face for a couple of minutes, making sure that she makes up for their lost time. Remy couldn’t contain her happiness. Even after days since their reunion, Remy’s excitement didn’t wane.

Aimee said that Remy would hardly leave Nancy’s side whenever she’s home. She always gives Nancy extra kisses. Clearly, Remy loves her pet parents so much. Just imagine how difficult it was for her not to see Nancy for how many months. Remy may be small, but she’s packed with a big heart.

Credit: Aimee Beasley-Spadoni


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