Most dogs seem to have a special place for water hoses in their hearts. Perhaps, dogs think of water hoses as real creatures that seem to create spurts of water from nowhere. Or is it because most water hoses are fun to look at? And there’s the water that most dogs can’t seem to get a hold of, and they seem challenged every single time. For all I know, water hoses create excitement for dogs.

But when a dog is thirsty, normally, he would drink from the nearest bowl of clean water. But when there’s a working water hose around, there’s a massive chance that he’d prefer that over a boring bowl of water – even if it means they need to be extra creative when drinking from a water hose. You will see what I mean in the two videos below:

In the first video, you will find Koda, a Labrador Retriever, standing beside a swimming pool. And beside him, is a water hose that was currently being used to fill the pool. Koda, obviously very thirsty, decided to take some gulps of water coming out from the hose.

The first few attempts allowed Koda to drink some water from the hose. His owner warned him to be careful, or he might fall into the pool. Koda continued to drink from the water hose, but eventually, lost his balance, and fell! The owner was alarmed at what he saw, too. But thankfully nothing happened to Koda, as shown in the second video.

Although it was a hilarious video, the Koda’s owner reminds everyone to pay attention to pets and children near swimming pools. Pools may be fun, but accidents could happen. Also, if you own a dog, make sure that your dog knows where the pool’s steps are located so that he could get out of the pool when he needs to.

Source Kyle Vigneau via Youtube


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