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American activist Marc Ching engages in a dangerous but necessary activity: saving dogs bound for slaughter at the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival. This event is held every year in Guangxi, China.

Ching founded The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Sherman Oaks, California. The foundation focuses its efforts on saving and rehabilitating animals that have been victims of abuse and neglect.

Going Undercover

Upon learning that the dogs consumed in the ten-day festival experience considerable suffering before their inevitable deaths, Ching decided to extend his foundation’s work to saving them.

Ching typically goes undercover for this task, pretending to be a buyer visiting Asia to purchase dogs for their meat. Once he gains the trust of Chinese dog-meat traders, he takes videos of the despicable slaughterhouse conditions on the sly.

Image credit: The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation on Facebook

Occasionally, though, a trader will realize his real agenda and beat him up, threaten his life, or use other means of intimidation.

Ching’s efforts have made a huge impact, however. He has raised awareness around the world of the shocking reality that is the Yulin festival. He explains that he wanted to do more than just protest—he wanted to do something concrete.

A Massive Rescue Effort

On one of his trips to China a few days before the festival was scheduled to start, Ching met with the owners of eleven slaughterhouses. He offered to buy them out and eventually convinced six of them to give up their businesses along with all of their dogs.

One of the videos posted on The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation‘s Facebook page shows Ching and several volunteers rescuing dogs from a large slaughterhouse.

At first, they thought they would only save around a hundred dogs, but they ended up pulling out more than a thousand.

The safe house the foundation built for the trip was therefore not enough to house all the animals. In the end, they reached out to other animal organizations, who took in many of the dogs.

Soldiering On Despite Many Obstacles

Ching’s work is becoming harder, because local police have learned of his foundation’s activities and actively try to interfere. His translator explains that this is probably because these police officers do not want Ching to expose the appalling reality of the Chinese dog meat trade to the world.

The activist’s fight is not over, though, and today his foundation enjoys  greater support. Since posting his exposé videos on social media, even more donations have flowed in to fund the rescue organization’s endeavors.

Watch the story here:

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube


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