A one-week-old abandoned fawn found not just a new family, but also a new best friend. A farmer found him all alone in a field of hops. He noticed that the tiny deer could not take care of himself, and his chances of survival are slim. The farmer took him to a family who already had some experience in taking care of deers.

Hansi’s new family

The family opened their doors to the young orphaned fawn who was looking for someone to take care of him. They bottle-fed him to make sure he doesn’t miss a meal, and they spent time with him to make him feel loved. The family members were so used to having him around that they decided to call him “Hansi.”

Their Australian Shepherd puppy, Lia, grew fond of the fawn. She cared for Hansi and treated him like they were from the same species. They spent their days eating, cuddling, and playing with each other. There was no dull moments between the two. It became a challenge for the family to separate the two because they wanted to do everything together.

Captured moments of the puppy and the fawn

Anne Auerbach, a microbiologist and photographer from Regensburg, dropped by the family’s house to take pictures of Lia and Hansi. She wanted the photos to be natural, so she just followed the two for thirty minutes. Lia and Hansi didn’t mind having Auerbach around; they just went and did their thing.

Auerbach had a great time taking Lia and Hansi’s pictures. The moments were so perfect, and she made sure she captured them all. She also observed that Hansi feels the love coming from the family and Lia. He sees himself as a member of Lia’s family, and he’s grateful that they tuck him under their wing.

Credits to Daily Mail



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