When a person doesn’t feel well, they tend to become cranky and short-tempered. Though all they need is some tender loving care, sick persons cannot adequately express this as they’re too weak to do so.

However, dogs can somehow convey their care towards the sick members of the family. Though they can’t express it in words, their mere presence and actions get the message across.

We’re sleeping with Teddy tonight.

In this short yet adorable video, one can see Sebastian the Newfoundland lying comfortably on a mattress. Not far away sits Sierra who’s eagerly showing the pooch her cute teddy bear.

The girl’s simple action ultimately piqued Sebastian’s curiosity. As the pooch carefully sniffs the plush toy, Sierra continues explaining what the bear can do for him.

But, it looks like Sebastian’s helpless as to what to do with the bear as he places a meaningful gaze with Mom. Good thing Mom picked on the dog’s cues and told Sierra that Sebastian’s thankful for introducing teddy to him and that she should sleep already.

Go to sleep now, little one.

All the while Mom’s interpreting, Sierra inches closer to Sebastian to engage him in play. But, as Sierra’s down with a cough, Mom emphasizes the girl’s need to take her much-needed rest.

Understanding Mom’s intentions, Sierra quickly obeys what Mom tells her to do. However, before sleeping, Sierra exclaims her overflowing love for the dog.

Since he can’t speak, Sebastian only communicates to Sierra with facial expressions. But, as Sierra’s still a kid, her Mom interprets the pooch’s body language for her. Mom eventually tells Sierra that Sebastian also loves her as much as she does.

With this, Sierra approaches Sebastian to show her appreciation. The little girl starts patting the dog’s fur, but it only lasted for a few seconds as Mom’s quick to scold the girl that she needs to sleep now.

How do you think Sebastian reacted to Sierra’s sweet gesture? Did he reciprocate Sierra’s show of affection? If you’re curious to find out, make sure to watch the video linked below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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