A deadly fire broke out of an apartment building in Pitesti, Romania. Thankfully, firefighters were quick to respond and saved the life of the tenant, a 51-year-old man. His dog was also pulled out of the building while the firefighters were fighting the blaze.

The tenant was taken to the hospital while the dog was left on the sidewalk. Because of the fire, the emergency services didn’t notice that the dog stopped breathing due to excessive smoke inhalation. The body of the dog was lying lifeless on the street and would have died on the spot if it wasn’t for one of the firefighters that noticed the dog.

Costache Mugurel, a firefighter, noticed the dog appeared lifeless. Sure enough, when he went near the dog, it wasn’t breathing. Thankfully, Costache is trained for this situation and acted quickly by administering CPR.

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The brave firefighter gave the dog a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as well as chest compressions. Costache didn’t give up on the dog and continued with the chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the dog until it started breathing on its own.

Thankfully, the dog started breathing on its own, and Costache placed an oxygen mask on the dog’s snout. After the dog’s condition was stable enough, it was taken to a veterinary clinic where it eventually recovered.

Thanks to his action, the dog recovered and is currently back with its owner. The local government gave honors to Costache, and his deeds were also recorded and posted on social media, which went viral.

For Costache, his actions show that nobody gets left behind. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or a dog. If you see it struggling to live, it deserves to be helped. He proved this by saving the life of a dog, which means a lot to his owner.

Here’s a video showing the heartwarming rescue of the dog. Costache really deserves the honor his local government gave him. Without his help, the dog might not have survived its ordeal.

Video Source USA TODAY via YouTube


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