What was supposed to be a climb to the top almost had a tragic ending when the 26-year-old hiker went missing. He was hiking through Fraser Valley’s mountainous terrain when he slipped and disappeared from everyone’s sight. His family feared for his life, and a search and rescue team was sent to find him.

Preventing a tragedy

Duke, a police dog, was one of the members of the search and rescue team. He joined the Royal Canadian Mountain Police in solving the mystery behind the man’s disappearance. Duke became a crucial player in the search; if it weren’t for him, terrible things would have happened to the man.

The police dog led his handler through the mountainous terrain. The hike is two-kilometers long, but they did not mind the distance. They were determined to find the missing hiker and save his life. Near the mountainous terrain was the Coquihalla River which led to a  cave. When Duke went inside, he began to howl. The man was inside.

The water inside the cave was already three-feet-high when the rescue team found him. They were working against the clock to save his life. It took so much effort, but when they got the man out, they rushed him to a nearby hospital so he can recover. Everyone applauded Duke because if it weren’t for him, they would not have pinpointed the man’s exact location.

Hail the police dog

Sergeant Chris Scott from the Integrated Police Dog Section of the Abbotsford Police Department has Duke to thank. The rescue could have had a tragic ending if the police dog did not perform well during the mission. Everyone chipped in to help, but as far as Sergeant Scott is concerned, it was Duke who worked the hardest. The man is alive and well, thanks to him.

Credits to CTV News Vancouver


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