Sara and Zach Lebwohl’s family became complete with the arrival of their baby two years ago. They became first-time parents to a baby girl named Halle. Before Halle’s birth, their dog Prince seemed to understand that there is a new family member coming.

While Sara was pregnant, Prince would stay at her side and keep her company. When the new baby arrived from the hospital, the dog immediately went right up to her and smelled her. She did not try to touch her at all but just stayed close by. Since then, the doggie seldom leaves her side and keeps attentive to her movements.

Prince seemed to have assumed the role of the baby’s nanny. He sees himself as Halle’s companion-playmate and caretaker at the same time. The couple also realized that their pet takes her role quite seriously.

Prince usually sleeps in the master’s bedroom, but the couple observed that every time they wake up at night to comfort baby Halle, Prince would also wake up and go with them to the baby’s room. One time, they decided to keep the doors of the bedrooms open throughout the night and see if Prince would try to go alone to Halle’s room to comfort her. Surprisingly, he did! When the little girl got up, the pup went to her room and greeted her.

Prince’s presence seemed to assure Halle that he is there for her. He then did some rolling on the floor to amuse the baby. When he saw that Halle is pacified he then lay down himself inside the room. Amazingly, Halle followed suit after feeling reassured and goes back to sleep again. She feels that she is in good hands (or paws).

The dog’s presence has made life a little lighter for Sara and Zach every morning. They feel confident that their daughter will sleep a little longer if she sees Prince in her room. They, too, will have some more minutes of sleeping time.

Even without training, the dog took it upon himself to help take care of the human whom he had watched grow from day one. It is incredible how their closeness has grown through the years and how their pet gets more and more dedicated to Halle. Even the 2-year old Halle adores the pup like a big brother.

Please watch the video below.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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