Pamela lived in a dilapidated doghouse outside her family’s home for eight years. She definitely had it bad but it eventually got worse for the poor dog. The family that she was living with got evicted from the property. They are going to move away and Pamela was left behind.

A realtor from the area tipped off Janine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, about Pamela. She showed up without further ado to save the unfortunate dog from being homeless. She shared the experience on social media where she described her as how a dog with a broken heart would look like.

When she got to the property where Pamela was, the man who used to own her showed up as well. He loaded Pamela onto Guido’s car and went inside the house as if the dog was just a thing that he needed to get rid of. Pamela was understandably terrified with all the changes that were happening to her life.

She didn’t have physical injuries but she was absolutely emotionally scarred. And according to Guido, that kind of damage is the most difficult to heal. She was cowering and growling softly in her crate as she tucks her tail tightly towards her body.

Good morning, from Pamela… I had to carry her to her kennel in a travel crate yesterday.. she was too scared and growling – and I didn't want to push her…When I talk to her she just shakes in fear. Her whole body just trembles… I know with time she will come around… Just the look in her eye is breaking my heart.I'll continue to post updates. đź’”

Posted by Speranza Animal Rescue on Friday, February 9, 2018

The vet found sores all over her due to the years she spent living in her filthy doghouse. Guido described how she shook in fear whenever she tried to talk to her. But fortunately for both of them, Guido is experienced with helping traumatized dogs heal.

She knew that what Pamela needed was to feel loved and cared for. Soon enough, Pamela realized that the changes in her life were positive and she started to warm up to her rescuer. She eventually gave Guido kisses just after a few days in her care.

Pamela was given all the time she needed to recover from the trauma that she experienced. It was a relief that she was found by people who cared just in time before she was left alone in the streets.

Credits to Speranza Animal Rescue on Facebook


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