Whenever we hear about dog shows, the first thing that comes to mind is pure breed dogs that trained throughout their lives for this annual event. They show off their skills in agility and obedience to name two, and they also show off their almost perfect looks.

We can never imagine having rescue dogs enter this kind of event. However, this kind of mentality is changing, and Hallmark Channel is hosting a one-of-a-kind dog show that focuses entirely on rescue dogs.

The American Rescue Dog Show is an excellent idea that not only gives rescue dogs a chance to show off their skills but also teaches people the advantages of adopting rescue dogs instead of shopping for pure breed dogs.

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The idea behind the dog show is to show off these beautiful dogs and their unique personalities. By encouraging people to adopt instead of shopping for dogs, they are helping end animal homelessness and needless euthanasia for dogs living in animal shelters.

Animal rights advocate, celebrities, as well as a lot of people supports this fantastic event. The dogs entering the competition will not only get to showcase their skills in front of hundreds of people in the venue and thousands more watching at home on TV. They also get to tell their stories of what their life was like before getting adopted into a loving family.

Watching this heartwarming event will surely get you cheering for your favorite dogs showing off their skills. You’ll also get a chance to see hilarious moments that some of the dogs do when they get excited about being in front of a big audience.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect to watch in this one-of-a-kind dog show. After seeing the video below, you’ll surely want to tune in or even watch the event live the next time they organize the American Rescue Dog Show.

Video Source Hallmark Channel via YouTube


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