molly the dog

Molly was on her way to the pound. Her previous owners no longer “needed” a dog anymore since they planned on having a baby. Then Molly’s new mom came to the rescue. She offered to take Molly in and give her the home that the little pup deserved.

Before Molly moved in, there were a number of concerns that might have made a happy ending to this story impossible. For one, Molly was extremely insecure because of the loss of her previous family. Moreover,  Molly’s new dad wasn’t entirely sure about her either. He believed that there were already enough pets in the house and didn’t think they has enough room for Molly in their home. Molly’s mom finally agreed to foster the dog for a maximum of a week, and then they would find a different living situation for her.

The new environment was scary for Molly, and at first she was skittish. This all changed when she finally met her dad: it was love at first sight. Neither he nor Molly could ignore the bond that immediately formed between them, and suddenly it was as if she had been a full member of the family for years.

The adorable shift

Molly could not bear being separated from her new parents, even for a moment. Not being able to see her parents from her crate on the floor quickly became a problem for her. Luckily, Molly’s parents thought of the perfect solution for their little angel. They bought scrap wood online and built her a crib.

Molly’s mom made sure to have a photo of the family, many soft pillows, and of course, Molly’s favorite blanket in the crib for her. Every single night, Molly’s parents tuck her in, and she can always peek her head over the edge of her crib and see them if she gets lonely.

Molly finally gets to live in a home where she knows every single day how much her parents love her. It’s a story that’s truly heartwarming, and a link to the video is just below.

Source The Dodo via Youtube


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