The dog, our guardian angel

Dogs are the most loyal, most selfless animals on Earth. They love unconditionally and will do anything to protect the people and other pets they love. Dogs are more than willing to give their life for their humans and will do it at the drop of a hat.


A snake in the garden

That is precisely what happened to the Butt family from Florida. Their family pets, Pit bulls Slayer and Paco, belong to Melissa Butt. One day, the Butts were enjoying some time in their yard, together with their grandchildren, when suddenly both dogs became preoccupied with something on the ground.

When their owner called them, the dogs refused to come. In the interview, Melissa said that he dogs usually did not refuse to come when called.

Upon closer inspection, what held the dogs’ attention was a snake. The owners assume it was a copperhead. In any case, the dogs were trying to keep the snake away from the kids. Unfortunately, the snake attacked both dogs.


A close call

Paco only sustained minor injuries and recovered quickly. Slayer’s injuries, however, were another story. The snake bit him on the face, resulting in severe swelling. In fact, the bite was life-threatening. Fortunately, the 3-year-old pooch responded well to treatment, which involved first-aid as well as several doses of antivenom.

Learn the full story by watching the video below. The dogs’ loyalty to their family will amaze you.

Source Funky Smile via Youtube

The Butt family is forever grateful to their pets for protecting the children from imminent danger. They also want to thank the people from the pet health charity Frankie’s Friends for raising funds to help cover their dogs’ medical expenses.

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