Did you know that there are dogs trained to help people with disabilities? They are called service dogs. They undergo extensive training for them to learn their responsibility.

Some of them are trained to guide the blind or assist people on wheelchairs. Some of them give alert for seizures, low blood sugar, or psychiatric disability. To become an official service dog though they need to pass a test.

Ryker was put in training to be a service dog. He is a very energetic dog and seemed to love the training. But he was taking the test he got too excited. His energy was overflowing that made him fail but in a funny way.

The pup’s assessment started with an empty wheelchair. He was supposed to push it in a straight line but ended up chewing it until it fell over. The next test involves a man using a walker with a tennis ball on it. When Ryker saw the ball though he went ahead and played with it.

Next up was helping a man in a wheelchair. But when they tried distracting him, he completely forgot his companion and abandoned him. He chased after the ball dragging the man across the floor.

When Ryker was asked to get a bottle of water, he ended up crashing the bottle causing the water to spill. He didn’t even give it to the trainer and ended playing with it. Finally, he was asked to open a refrigerator door and surprisingly, he got it right. Until he gave up too much pull dragging the fridge across the floor.

The video was quite funny, and Ryker was adorable too. It even shows him in slow motion with the song My Way in the background. Here’s that hilarious moment:



Ryker definitely did things his way which isn’t a bad thing. For even though he didn’t become a service dog, he won the hearts of thousands of people.

Credits to Double H Canine Training Academy


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