It was a story of survival for Juniper and her siblings, as they struggled in the wild after their mom’s sudden disappearance. Fortunately, an Alabama rescue organization called Brown Dog Coalition took them in, which ensured the puppies’ safety from potential danger. Juniper and her siblings had a second chance at life.

The puppies were put up for adoption, and soon enough, Juniper caught the attention of her soon-to-be-family. Rich Droser shared how his family couldn’t resist getting the lovely dog once they saw her photo. With her spotted brown and white coat and woeful eyes, they instantly fell in love with the cute pup.

As Juniper adjusted to her new life with her family, her personality started to blossom as well. The family learned how their sweet pooch loves to snuggle and couldn’t resist the sight of a warm couch or soft fluffy pillows. Maybe it was a throwback to her memories of being out in the cold woods that made her seek out the comfort of soft beddings.

Juniper regularly climbs on their laps for cuddles, and they jokingly cover her with throws and blankets until she gets warm and cozy. Sometimes, she gets too lazy to get up, so stuff tends to pile on her until you can barely see her anymore. The smell of food is the only thing that could make her move.

There was one instance where Juniper came home, visibly worn out from playing and running around in the park. She made a beeline for the couch and settled for a quick nap. Her family started covering her with pillows, stacking them neatly on top. Juniper ignored their antics, choosing to sleep instead.

As they added more pillows, Juniper probably felt warmer and comfortable. It took seven pillows before Juniper decided it was enough. She finally mustered the strength to get up, much to their amusement.

Juniper loved cozying up with her family, enjoying the warmth and comfort of having everyone she loves surrounding her. And her family indulges her every wish.

Photos courtesy of Rich Droser via Instagram


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