Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Most of us admire people who keep their heads in difficult situations. Regardless of what happens, they never blow their cool. People like this are often wonderful peacemakers. When a fight breaks out – verbal or otherwise – they intervene quickly and settle things down with a minimum of fuss.

Dog Intervenes In Catfight

In this video, first uploaded last August, we see a cool-headed Golden Retriever nip a catfight in the bud. Apparently, his friend has had just about enough of the mouthy neighbor cat. So, claws unsheathed, he strides across the street to settle the other guy’s hash. “Not so fast, bud,” his retriever pal seems to say. “That jerk just isn’t worth it.”

It is astonishing how quick and effective the dog’s intervention is. This made me think that maybe Fido has had a little practice with this sort of thing. It also made me wonder whether his friend, the cat, isn’t a bit of a hothead. Lucky for the cat, he has someone around to keep him out of trouble. It is nice to know that, even in the animal world, there is an adult in the room when you need one.

The Peace-Loving Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an ideal dog for the role of peacemaker. Since they are so even-tempered, they are a favorite family companion dog. They have a reputation for being very patient, which makes them a nearly unflappable dog for families with small children. A kind, jolly dog, the Golden Retriever loves socializing and is happiest when he is with his loved ones.

The Golden Retriever has a sensitive side, too. For one thing, Goldies have a strong need for harmony. They will do their very best to keep their owners happy. At the same time, they are easily put off by harsh words or yelling.

I suppose that the Golden Retriever, being a peace-loving dog, would go to great lengths to keep the peace. That is why I can imagine the good-natured retriever in the video thinking to himself, “Catfights mean nothing but stress!” right before he grabs his cat buddy and squires him home.


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