The parents of a 15-month-old toddler, who was supposed to be sleeping securely in her room, were perplexed to see her roaming the house at night.

Chris and Nina Cardinal from Phoenix saw their daughter Chloe walking along the halls of their house in the evening, a time when she should be sleeping inside her room. They wondered how she got out of her bedroom, as Chloe was too small to reach the doorknob and couldn’t open the door on her own.

The couple decided to look at footages taken by the baby monitor, and they saw who the culprits were: their two golden retrievers, Colby and Bleu.

It was actually no surprise to Chloe’s mom and dad, as three years ago, Chris taught Colby how to open a door by himself.

The baby cam caught the two golden retrievers entering the baby’s room. They approached her bed and woke her up, giving her lots of kisses as they did so. Then they left the room.

Naturally, Chloe, having snapped out of her slumber, got up from bed and followed Colby and Bleu.

But why did the two dogs wake up the baby? Dad Chris believed Colby and Bleu had “ulterior motives” for fetching Chloe—food.

Chris said Chloe had been dropping food for the dogs, so they probably woke her up in the hope of getting an early breakfast from her. However, Nina said Chloe didn’t intentionally feed the two golden retrievers, but they probably ate the crumbs she dropped from her tray.

Could it be that the dogs just wanted to spend time with Chloe and play with her? Whatever their reason for waking up the baby girl in the middle of the night, one thing is certain: those golden retrievers are pretty smart.

Now all Chloe’s parents had to do was make sure her bedroom door was secure enough from Colby’s door opening skills.

Source: Good Morning America via YouTube


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