Getting a dog is one of life’s great joys. Knowing that your dog is living with a loving family in his forever home is true bliss. However, naming him can be problematic. After all, a name gives a dog his lifetime identity. As the ancient Romans said, “Nomen est omen,” that is, your name is your character.

There are a lot of doggy names a family could choose from. However, finding one that will suit and reflect his unique character can be a daunting task. Keep in mind that when naming a puppy, it is a name that you’ll use to praise, scold and call him.

Below are some tips to help you name your dog.

One to two syllables

Ideally, you should choose a name that is not hard to pronounce and contains a maximum of two syllables. It is a rare dog that will respond to a name as long as Adriano, Alexander, Adriana or Alexandria. Moreover, do you really want to use a four-syllable name every time call your doggie? Just thinking about it is kind of tiresome.

Say it with ease and happiness

A dog’s name should reproduce the happiness you felt when you first laid eyes on him. Give him a name that reminds you of this happy moment. Names with happy associations such as “Bobby,” “Flippy” or “Happy.”

Avoid names that sound like standard commands

You definitely don’t want to give your dog a name that he will confuse with a common command. For example, commands such as “go” are hard to distinguish from names like “Joe” and “Bo.” Names like these can confuse or mislead a puppy, especially during the early stages of training.

Shorten a desired long name

Some owners would prefer to give their dog a long name because it is unique. Think of names such as “Mellonia,” “Marigold,” or “Mr. Spotted Pants.” However, if you choose to give your puppy a long name, consider using a nickname when you call him. For example, if you select “Mr. Spotted Pants” as your dog’s name, you can’t simply call out that name in public. Instead, you might want to consider using a short form like “Spot” or “Spotty.”

Do research or ask for suggestions

The internet can provide a lot of help in this regard. After all, it is a popular topic. You can find literally hundreds of good suggestions on the dozens of websites devoted to this topic. Additionally, do not neglect suggestions made by family members, kids in particular. Some of them just might have a real gem in mind, and you may regret not asking.

Based on Personality

Before naming a puppy, it is often best to observe his behavior. For example, observe how your puppy reacts to darkness, how he reacts when petted, and even how he reacts when eating tasty treats. That alone can help you choose a name for him.

I hope that can use this information to help you can craft a unique name that reflects your dog’s character.


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