In this segment of the popular Today Show series “My Pet Tale,” Kathie Lee Gifford tells us the story of her two dogs, Lola Mae and Bambino.

Introducing “Lola” the Golden Doodle

She and her late husband, Frank Gifford, first saw Lola at a charity event. Lola, a Golden Doodle, was to be auctioned off at the benefit. Kathie Lee and Frank decided to bid up the price to help the charity. Ultimately, they made the winning bid and took Lola Mae home with them.

At the time, Kathie Lee says, Lola was just a little ball of fluff. In the meantime, she tips the scales at nearly eighty pounds. Kathie Lee says that she likes to imagine that Lola is an enchanted princess who has been turned into a dog. I think that she senses a grace and beauty in this wonderful animal that could only be the soul of a princess trapped inside of her.

Introducing “Bambino” the Maltipoo

Two years after Lola entered her life, Kathie Lee met Bambino, a Teacup Maltipoo. She and Frank were eating at Terra, one of their favorite restaurants, when they saw a strikingly attractive young woman. She was holding a really tiny ball of fur in her hands. Kathie Lee asked her whether she was holding a dog. The woman said that she was.

The stranger then explained that she could no longer keep her puppy. For unknown reasons, she had to sell her little doggie. Frank and Kathie Lee couldn’t resist the little fellow’s charm, so he also joined their family.

Kathie Lee explains that, despite his size, Bambino is a true guard dog. In her words: “He will literally bite your ass.” He couldn’t be more different from Lola. According to Kathie Lee, it is as if he were channeling the spirit of Stewie Griffin from the cartoon series “Family Guy.”

In Praise of Dogs

Kathie Lee closes her “Pet Tale” by praising her dogs’ loyalty – and the loyalty of dogs in general. She adds that her dogs know when she needs them. It was their selfless love that helped her when she was grieving for her late husband. Now that she is all alone in a big house, the dogs are even more important to her than ever before.


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