A Call For Help

It is not uncommon for dogs to seek refuge in garages. In fact, any space that will shelter them from the outside world and all of its dangers is welcome, especially on a rainy day. But it was not raining when the Hope For Paws organization got a call alerting them to the plight of an adorable Maltese dog hunkered down in a local garage. The dog did not appear to be aggressive, the caller said. It looked as if it would be an uneventful rescue mission.

Even so, the Hope For Paws team came prepared for any eventuality. When they arrived, they found the little Maltese cowering under a set of shelves, far in the back of the garage. They tried offering the poor fellow some doggie treats, but he was too scared even to look at them. Luckily, he did not try to escape from his would-be rescuers, either.

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The Rescue

The poor creature was scared out of his wits and did not dare move a muscle. In spite of that, it took two attempts to finally get the snare around his neck.  Both times, the snare slipped loose when they tried to pull the dog out. Finally, one of the rescuers decided to gently pull the dog out from under the shelf, using the snare as a back-up. The dog did not fight one little bit as his rescuer eased him out from under the shelves. Mission accomplished!

A Happy Ending

A few minutes after the rescue team had extracted him from his hiding spot, the dog began to relax a little more. Now he accepted the treats the rescue workers offered him. They then took him to their headquarters, where he enjoyed a nice bath and some grooming. By the time his beauty treatment was over, the doggie had begun to warm to his rescuers. The little Maltese, whom they christened “Monkey,” was suddenly quite affectionate. Moreover, he seemed grateful for the kindness his rescuers had shown him.

Monkey was placed in a foster home shortly thereafter. He did not stay there too long, however, because the good people at Hope For Paws soon found him a forever home.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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