For most dog people, having your furball greet you after a long day at work will almost instantly uplift your spirits. If the dog is a comedian and has a cheerful disposition, it would be on the plus side. Well, check out the Pomskies, who are not only pleasant and energetic but just looking at them will bring a smile to your face, especially on those days that you need one.

What exactly is a Pomsky?

Huskies, without a doubt, are among the most handsome dogs on the planet. Their unique color and markings are instantly recognizable. However, if you live in a city where the majority of homes are apartments or condos, getting one to live with you may be a bit of a challenge because of their size. The Pomsky is a relatively new designer breed that came out of the genes of the husky and the playful Pomeranian, and whoever thought of combining these two breeds should be given a medal!

Best of both worlds

The resulting breed is the Pomsky, who inherits the watchfulness of the Huskies and the size and cuddliness of the Pom. Thus you get the best of both breeds into one cute fur baby. Having one is the same as getting a husky in permanent puppy form. Pomskies are often referred to as the “perfect pooch” because of their size and nature.

Pomskies are natural born comedians

Pomeranians and Huskies both can thrive with indoor and outdoor activities. Both these dog breed are known for being extra emotional so you can expect a Pomsky to be full of character. Pomskies tend to see that it will get attention with its antics and so it always wants to be the center of attention. They get along well with all the humans in the household but will be visibly attached to one favorite human.

Want a perk-me-up? Brighten up your day with these Pomskies here:

Source: Dog Word via YouTube


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