Leaving for a vacation is not always a happy case, especially if you’re a dog owner who would leave your beloved pooch behind. So when Garrett Johnson’s parents went on a holiday, he became the official dog sitter. But what his mom didn’t expect was what happened next.

Garrett was generally a loving brother to Oscar. However, his mom apparently didn’t trust him enough to be left alone with her fur baby. So to appease his mom and finally make her relax on her cruise, Garrett sent her the most adorable proof ever.

He created a short video of him and Oscar bonding while their parents were away. The video opens on Garrett waving his parents goodbye. He then turns to Oscar and asks him what they want to do.

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All of a sudden, Ray Lamontagne’s “You Are The Best Thing” goes on full blast in the background as the duo does their thing. They immediately danced to the tune then cuddled afterward and watched a movie while feasting on some chips.

Garrett even set up a fancy dinner treat for the both of them. It may look like a fancy dinner, but in fact, it was just pizza and regular dog treats!

Towards the end of the clip, Garrett can be seen tucking Oscar to bed and kissing him goodnight. He even looks directly at the camera as if saying, “See, mom? I’m taking good care of your baby.”

We’re pretty sure Garrett’s mom enjoyed watching the video a lot. She might also be super proud of her son for taking all those responsibilities. Garrett had also uploaded the whole clip on Facebook, and it was not completely surprising that it gained quite the traction.

It was viewed almost a hundred thousand times already! Watch their adorable bonding moment here.

My parents went on a cruise so I was left alone with Oscar, My mom kept telling me to make sure to take good care of him, so Mom here is proof!

Posted by Garrëtt Jøhnsøn on Monday, February 25, 2019

Courtesy of Garrëtt Jøhnsøn


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