There are quite a lot of abandoned or stray dogs living without families that a lot of shelters can no longer accommodate them. Because of animal shelters getting overcrowded, a lot of dogs and other animals that don’t get adopted go to kill shelters where they end up getting euthanized.

It’s a sad ending for the lives of the dogs living in kill shelters as they don’t get to experience living the rest of their lives with a family that loves them. Also, there are still quite a lot of people who want dogs for pets but end up buying instead of adopting.

A rescue organization based in Texas is slowly changing people’s minds about adopting strays or rescue dogs. Tracy’s Dogs is a non-profit organization that primarily focuses on pulling dogs from high kill shelters and then get these dogs ready for adoption.

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The great thing about Tracy’s Dogs is that they advocate in adopting rescue dogs instead of buying one from pet shops. They find good homes for the dogs they rehabilitate and give them a chance of having a family.

Founded by Tracy Whyatt, she and her husband, Scott, go on road trips with the dogs they save in Texas kill shelters to other states to take the dogs to meet their new owners and to their forever homes.

Tracy’s Dogs along with their partner, PetSmart arranges a meeting space for dogs and their new owners. They also take the dogs to areas where pets are needed.

The organization already has huge followers, and their dog adoption program has grown in popularity. More people are now applying to adopt dogs from Tracy’s Dogs.

It’s incredible to watch Tracy’s Dogs trailer arrive in PetSmart parking lots. And, outside the trailer, the new owners of the dogs meet their new owners for the first time. It’s such a heartwarming meeting, and you’ll definitely see how the people genuinely receive the newest member of their families.

Here’s a video of Tracy’s Dogs in action. Thanks to their program and hard works, a lot of dogs are given a chance to live happily with a family.

Video Source OnlyGood TV via YouTube


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