Pup Gets Stuck Like Pooh Bear

In Phichit, Thailand, an adorable moment was caught on camera when a small kitty reached out to help her pal, a black puppy. The pup was trying to get through a gap in the gate to play with his feline pal inside the house.

The little doggie got his head through the narrow gap easily enough. However, his hindquarters were not as cooperative. He tried wiggling his way through, but to no avail.

Sizing up the situation very quickly, the cute kitten leapt through the gate to offer her assistance. Then, the kitty tried to give the pup a boost through the gate.

The woman filming the incident broke into laughter. Who would have thought that the little kitten would use its paws to help shove the pooch’s backside through the gap in the gate? Amazing teamwork indeed!

A Unique Friendship

The video only lasted for 47 seconds, but the story it tells pulls at your heartstrings. This adorable, unlikely friendship is definitely not something you see every day.

The two really seem to enjoy – and need – each other’s companionship. Watch how the pup struggles to squeeze through the bars of the gate. I think he genuinely wants to play inside the house with the kitten.

It seems as if the kitten is just as excited about playing with her puppy friend. She is so impatient to play with him that she immediately helps the pup through the gap. The adorable incident seems to reflect a deep friendship between the two animals.

After all the struggling and wiggling, the pup successfully got inside the room with his kitty pal. The two seemed excited about finally being able to play together. When the pup finally made it through the gate, he kept wagging his tail as if to say, “It’s playtime!!!”

Let us hope that this pair’s friendship lasts a long time. Of course, it would be nice, too, if the pup did not need to go through the same struggle in the future.

Thanks to ViralHog for posting this adorable encounter.


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