Dogs never fail to amaze me. Ever since their domestication, dogs have played a significant role in society. They were used as helpers, protectors, and excellent companions. Even today, dogs have proved that they can be more than just a family companion.

Because dogs are smart they are now used as military and police dogs, search and rescue dogs, sniffer dogs and most importantly as service dogs.

Before becoming an official service canine, a dog has to undergo extensive training and must prove they are perfect for the job. Among the many important things a dog can be trained to do is becoming a service dog, particularly an autism assistance dog.

Just like the rest of the service dogs, autism assistance dog is trained to assist an autistic person. Their main job is to keep their person safe. But a service dog does more than protect their owners and perform tasks; they also became best friends with their owners.

This is the story of a Tyler Gerdts and his German Shepherd autism assistance dog named Hugo. Tyler was born with a brain injury that must have likely caused his autism, but that didn’t stop the 17-year-old from participating in running.

Hugo became more than Tyler’s service dogs; the dog became his best friend and running buddy. According to Tyler’s mother, after Hugo became a part of Tyler’s life, she saw her son transformed. The video below shows a moment were Tyler and Hugo ran together during a race.


Trained by Highland Canine Training in Harmony, North Carolina Hugo is more than ready to help Tyler. He knows how to respond to emergencies such as tracking Tyler, sniff the air for dangerous gasses, and of course run with his owner.

What an awesome dog Hugo is. The dog made a massive impact on Tyler’s life and continues to do so up to this moment.

Source USA TODAY via YouTube


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