Every Dog Owner’s Greatest Fear

One of a dog owner’s worst nightmares is losing their pet. Stronger still is the fear that our beloved pet might be stolen. Everyone has heard or read news stories about criminal gangs that steal pets. Even dogs playing in their own front yards are not safe. Often, we hear, these gangs sell the poor animals to labs which use them for gruesome experiments. So, when a pet disappears, it is hard not to fear the worst.

This is the story of Kate Windham and her pug, Lola. Her pug was taken from her when her home was burglarized. Kate was devastated. During her first interview with police, Kate’s main concern was the well-being of her missing dog. She did not really seem to care about the valuables taken from her home.

A Welcome Phone Call

Fortunately, the police caught the burglars quickly. The intruders had been responsible for multiple break-ins in Kate’s area. Police found Kate’s pug, Lola, among the stolen property.

The Essex Police called Kate immediately after the burglars’ capture. You can imagine the relief Kate felt. From the time of Lola’s disappearance to the time of the call, Kate had thought of nothing but her little pug.

A Joyous Reunion

When dog and human were reunited, it was clear how much the two had missed each other. From the moment the pug laid eyes on her human, she could not stop wagging her tail. Kate’s happiness is also unmistakable.

During their emotional reunion, Lola could not stop covering Kate’s face with kisses.

Watch the video below and enjoy the sweet reunion between Lola and Kate.


It was fortunate that the authorities caught the burglars so quickly. Who knows what would have happened to Lola if the burglars had had a chance to sell Lola to a third party before their capture. Both Kate and Lola can thank their lucky stars that this story had a happy ending.

Source Essex Police via YouTube


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