An Incredible Journey

Sapphire’s incredible story gives us a closer look at the valuable work the North Shore Animal League of America (NSALA) is doing. This friendly black Lab’s story begins with a chain of natural disasters. In the spring of 2011, a series of tornados devastated Huntsville, Alabama. In the aftermath, Huntsville Animal Services took in thousands of stray animals, included Sapphire.

The staff at Huntsville immediately noticed Sapphire’s sweet disposition. However, the growing number of pet rescues in the wake of the tornados overwhelmed the Huntsville facility. Ultimately, the rescuers in Huntsville decided that they could not take care of Sapphire as they would have liked to. As a result, the shelter had no choice but to ask the NSALA to take her. They hoped that the New York organization could provide Sapphire with proper care and possibly a home.

Sapphire finds the help she needs

The National Shore Animal League of America rescues around 20,000 street pets every year. Founded in 1944 in Port Washington, New York, this organization strives to give animals the happy life that they deserve.

Sapphire’s remarkably gentle nature also made quite a positive impression on the staff at the NSALA. Despite everything that she had been through, she was still a really sweet dog. During their examination of the friendly Labby, NSALA staff made two surprising discoveries. They determined that Sapphire was coping with two major challenges: she had heartworm and was pregnant.

A New Life For Sapphire

The staff and other volunteers inside the NSALA gave Sapphire the best care possible. Eventually, they cured her heartworm and helped her give birth to eleven healthy puppies.

Eight weeks after the birth, the puppies were old enough to leave their mom. Luckily, NSALA found a good home for every last one of them. Then it was Sapphire’s turn to find her own forever home. In the end, Sapphire found a loving family soon after the NSALA put her up for adoption.

It was a long, bumpy journey. Sapphire started as a tornado survivor. She then traveled halfway across the country to New York. It was there that she survived a deadly disease and became a mommy. Finally, Sapphire found her forever home.

There are countless stray animals like Sapphire around  the world. Most of them live a wretched existence in the streets. These animals badly need a chance for a better life. Fortunately, it is in our power to give them the lives they really deserve. Thanks in part to groups like the NSALA.



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