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A Sad Young Man

It is like something out of a fairy tale. Chinese national Zhou Tianxiao reports that he was once unemployed and poor, so poor that could not afford to rent his own place. Instead, he lived in a tiny apartment with his grandmother.  A middle-school dropout, Mr. Zhou had no job prospects and spent most of his time playing video games, drinking and smoking.

Mr. Zhou had been abandoned by his parents when he was six years old. Consequently, he had always felt a deep sense of loneliness. As a child, he says, he would have given anything to see his parents, and longed to have dinner with them again. When he was 26, he decided to buy a dog. For he had heard that dogs loved their owners unconditionally. He saw buying a dog as a way to make his life a little less lonely.

An Overnight Sensation

After he bought his border collie, Sylar, Mr. Zhou turned his life around. He stopped smoking and began teaching Sylar tricks, videos of which he posted on social media. The videos proved to be extremely popular and made the duo stars in China.

Mr. Zhou has built on his social media success by opening a dog-oriented e-store which features products which Sylar has given his seal of approval.

Just One Problem, Though

There was only one problem: dogs as big as Sylar are not allowed in the city center. Thus, Mr. Zhou could only sneak his dog out for walks at night, when the risk of being caught by the authorities was minimal. The grateful owner decided that this was no kind of a life for Sylar, whom he had come to see as a family member. The problem worsened when he bought another border collie to keep Sylar company.

A Grateful Owner

The solution to the problem was to buy land outside the city center where his dogs could romp. But that was not good enough for Sylar, Mr. Zhou decided. Ultimately, the 31-year-old entrepreneur spent the better part of his personal fortune to build a pet paradise for Sylar. It is specifically designed to reward Sylar for everything he has done for his owner. The doggie mansion, located in Beijing’s Shunyi district, boasts a heated pool, a spa, a spacious lawn, and a trampoline on which Sylar loves to play.


A Day in the Life

The billionaire says that his dog usually begins his day with a few turns in the luxury swimming pool. Next, the dog will relax inside a room with a small bed, a tent, and an air conditioner.


Mr. Zhou’s girlfriend helps him care for the dog. According to her, her boyfriend loves his border collie so dearly that he would do just about anything to give him the life he himself was denied as a child.

“Hotel Dog”

But the mansion is not just for Sylar’s use. Recently, the couple decided to open it to paying customers so that other dogs can also experience the kind of life Sylar is living. Apparently, the couple believes that every dog should have his day.

Credits to South China Morning Post. 


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