Caring for a black Labrador retriever would also mean regular visits to the pool or any bodies of water. These dogs love the water, where they could bathe and swim – and play, of course! Black labs love the water so much because they can’t help it – it’s embedded in their DNA.

Black labs descended from a long line of water-loving ancestors – the St. John’s water dogs. Just like most black Labs, the St. John dogs were a hardworking bunch – they often assisted fishermen in Newfoundland, Canada in retrieving gear that gets drifted on to the sea. They even help fishermen catch fish that escaped momentary captivity in fishnets and fish hooks.

The St. John’s water dog is now considered extinct, but their legacy lives on. The descendants of the old breed, including the black Lab, share distinctive traits, including love for the water. Black labs may not be as good as their ancestors when it comes to fishing, but they maintained their ancestors’ adorable and trustworthy temperament.

Nowadays, black Labs don’t have much working to do. Most of these dogs have lots of time to spare. If you have a black Lab, always give him enough time to play. Bring them to the pool or any other body of water where these adorable dogs could swim and have fun. If your dog allows you to do so, you may even dress him up in a fancy swimming suit, just like the one in the video below:

Did we mention that black labs love to play? In the video, the dog dressed in a shark suit must have had too much fun. He can’t contain his happiness, because he dove right on to his human, who had been enjoying drifting on her swimming float. You can do the same thing to your dog. But watch out for ‘shark attacks,’ like the one we recently showed you.

Source jenny31804 via Youtube


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