Let’s say that your dog has mastered basic commands such as “sit”, “stay” and “come”. What is the next step? Usually, a dog owner will equip his dog with a few basic commands and stop there. But do you really want to live without the rush you get when you teach your dog a new trick?

Why not level up and teach your dog some cool tricks that will leave your guests and family members hungry for more? Moreover, new tricks will keep your dog mentally active and foster his continued development. Aside from these developmental considerations, working with your dog will deepen the bond between the two of you.

It is a delight to see dogs navigate an obstacle course at lightning speed. Of course, dog trainers spend long years working with their animals to reach that level of proficiency. If you are like most people, you probably do not have that much time to train your dog. Even so, you can teach your dog the following tricks. They are both impressive and easy.

Friendly wave

Prepare to have a lot of treats – and possibly a clicker – at your disposal if you want to teach your dog to wave goodbye. First, call your dog. Once he is in directly in front of you, command him to “sit”. Then, grab a treat so that he can see it. If you position the treat correctly, his natural instinct will be to try to touch the treat with his paw. When he starts to raise his paw, press the clicker to signal him that he has done something good. After that, reinforce this positive behavior by giving him the treat. Repeat this a couple of times. Next, take a few steps backward, and then repeat the entire process. If he again performs the treat successfully, begin to use the voice command “bye” when he performs the trick.

Balancing a treat on his nose

First, have your dog sit in front of you. Then, gently touch his snout repeatedly, so that he’ll get used to the presence of an object on the top of his snout, right behind his nose. Use positive reinforcement as a reward for his patience! After this step, take a treat and hold it close to him but don’t give him permission to eat it. Next, you want to put the treat on his snout. Still don’t give him permission to gobble up the treat. When he leaves the treat balanced on his snout, repeat the command “leave”. After a while, you can use commands like “okay” or “eat” so that he knows that he can now gobble up the snack.


To get started, you want your dog to lie on the floor. With his favorite treat in hand, slowly drag it around the floor to encourage him to crawl behind it. You have to make sure that he starts moving forward. Repeat as often as necessary until he gets the hang of it. Later, integrate the command “crawl” into the routine. With a little practice, your dog will get the hang of it.


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