A dog can be very loving and loyal to those around him. They can take care of those who need caring for as well. In the Myrtle Beach Zoo, their dog Gemma fosters the little animals that they have there, taking care of them as if they were her own.

Dog and tiger cub bond

From the moment that Veda, the zoo’s resident tiger cub, was one month old, she had a constant companion and playmate found in Gemma. This loving dog lives in the zoo and helps out with taking care of all sorts of baby animals like lynx and leopards. But the bond that Veda and Gemma had was unlike any other.

Inseparable pair

As Veda grew, Gemma was always by her side, acting as her mother as well as her friend. They would usually cuddle up close to each other and sleep beside one another. You could see that Veda really loves Gemma as she hugs her tight and snuggles with her. She would even crawl on top of Gemma as her foster mother tried to rest to see if they could play some more.

Still going strong

At six months, Veda has grown so fast that she is almost as big as Gemma already. And yet, you could see them side by side at every possible moment. They would take walks together and Veda would still rub up against Gemma and snuggle her face into the dog’s fur.

Time together

The would spend hours running around the open field together and playing. Even as a wild animal, clearly Veda loves Gemma and treats her very gently. Her predatory instincts don’t count at all when it comes to her mother dog. Gemma is equally as affectionate towards the cub as the roll around in the grass together as always.

Check out their video:

Source: MyrtleBeachSafari | Youtube


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